10 essential tips for traveling to Peru


This list of tips for traveling to Peru It will help you prepare your trip to one of the most fascinating countries in the world, which we are sure, will make you fall in love and surprise you in equal parts.
Despite being known for Machu Picchu and this is the great crown jewel, we assure you that Peru is much more than that and fortunately, more and more travelers who enter many of its incredible archaeological sites, enjoy spectacular landscapes, travel through cities that seem to be anchored in time and of course, enjoy of its gastronomy, considered one of the best in the world.

After our trip to Peru for free, we want to leave you the ones that are for us, the best tips for traveling to Peru. We start!

1. What is the best time?

The first thing we should consider in a trip to Peru, it is the time when you can or want to travel, since depending on this, you can enjoy more or less of its most tourist attractions in addition to being essential to be clear that being a country of considerable dimensions, depending on the area you want to visit, One season may be better than another.

  • High season (June to August): These months are ideal to visit the area of ​​Cuzco, Puno and Huaraz without forgetting that in the areas of the Andean Highlands and the eastern jungle, it is dry season.
    Remember that during these months, prices tend to be much higher, so it is important to make reservations in advance.
  • Mid season (March to May and September to November): During these months you can enjoy the spring and autumn season in the Altiplano as well as good weather in the jungle.
    In addition these dates are usually characterized by having lower prices on both flights and accommodation.
  • Low season (December to February): This is the worst time to travel to Peru since it coincides with the rainy season in the Altiplano area and the Amazon area. Despite that, it is high season in the coastal area, so depending on your needs, it can also be a good time.
    Don't forget that the Inca Trail closes during the month of February, since it is the rainiest month and is used to do conservation and maintenance work. Despite this, access to Machu Picchu is still open, what cannot be done is the Inca Trail.

2. Security

Although in some media you can read otherwise, we can assure you that traveling to Peru is totally safe. In the same way it is also important to take certain precautions, such as those you would have in any other country, trying not to bring many things of value to the eye, not visiting places you do not know at night or asking in your accommodation if there is any unsafe area in city.
Regarding bus transportation, one of the most common ways to get around in Peru, we were recommended to use companies safe such as Cruz del Sur, one of the best known that also covers most of the routes between places to visit in Peru.
In these cases, you will see how safety is very important for them, checking the luggage and even on many occasions, recording with camera all passengers before entering the bus. Do not panic, it is common and as we say, it is a security measure.
Similarly, on some websites, they do not recommend making night trips by bus. We made the one from Puno to Cuzco and we had no problem, taking advantage of the hours and arriving in the morning in the city and for what other travelers have told us, they have not had problems either.

Machu Picchu, a must when traveling to Peru

More tips for traveling to Peru

Other of the best tips for traveling to Peru are:

  • One of the best things to do in Peru is to try some of the best dishes of Peruvian cuisine such as ceviche, guinea pig, grilled chicken, stuffed cause, chili pepper, Huancaine potatoes, anticuchos or the loin skipped.
  • Remember that in Peru the common voltage is 220V and the frequency is 60Hz and the plugs are Type A / B / C.
  • If you are going to travel in high season, it is well worth reserving the accommodation in advance, especially in the most tourist places. We use this search engine and the truth is that we are doing great.
  • In some tourist places, such as Lake Titicaca or the Mountain of the Seven Colors, you may suffer from altitude sickness, since you will be above 3200-3500 meters of altitude. In these cases it is advisable to take precautions, observing your body, not making any unnecessary effort in addition to chewing coca leaves or drinking triple mate, which will make your body gradually adapt to the altitude. For any unusual symptoms, see a doctor.
  • If you are going to do some trekking or you are going to the Amazon, wear comfortable clothes and above all, a suitable footwear.

If you feel like helping us expand the list 10 essential tips for traveling to Peru, add yours in the comments.