10 must-see places in Sukhothai


This list of the best places to see in Sukhothai It will help you prepare your trip to one of the most impressive places of the country of smiles, which we are sure, will complement perfectly with the rest of your route through Thailand.
Sometimes eclipsed by the places to see in Ayutthaya, much more accessible being just 80 kilometers from Bangkok, Sukhothai is another of the places to visit in Thailand essential, which perfectly complements the visit to the first and offers you a much more vision Extensive history of this country.

Located 450 kilometers from Bangkok and about 300 kilometers from Chiang Mai, Sukhothai Historical Park is an archaeological site where, like Ayutthaya, many of the temples built between the 13th and 14th centuries are located, of which day we can only see its ruins, many of them very well preserved. Although initially visiting Sukhothai is usually off the beaten path in Thailand, as it is not very accessible by public transport, we recommend that if you have time, you can make a hole, as it is one of the most recommended tours in Thailand.

Although you can go and tour the places to see in Sukhothai For free, if you want to know more about the place and Thailand, it can be interesting to book this 5-day Circuit from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with a guide in Spanish.

All the temples to visit in Sukhothai It opens from 6:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon and on Saturdays until 9:30 at night, you can see them illuminated. If your visit coincides with this day of the week, it may be interesting to plan the day so that the evening can enjoy some of the illuminated temples.
As in Ayutthaya, there is no ticket for Sukhothai that includes a visit to all temples. In this case you will have to pay separate tickets, depending on the area in which you are (center, north, south, east, west) with a price of 100THB per person to access all the temples.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways to tour Sukhothai. We recommend you enjoy the walled area or downtown on foot, since the area is not very large and for the rest of the areas, opt for a bicycle or tuk tuk. The latter has a price of 200THB per hour of travel and 300 baths to go from the new city to Sukhothai to Sukhothai Historical Park.
200 baths tuktuk Sukhothai time
In case you do not want to walk the walled area, you also have the option of taking an electric train or a kind of electric motorcycle, with which you can tour the walled area.

A good route can start at 7:30 in the morning, visiting the temples of the central zone and north zone on foot, the latter is very close to the previous one, in about 4-5 hours and after eating in a restaurant of the area, rent a tuk tuk to make the remaining temples that are further away.
Keep in mind that the central or walled area is the most visited, especially by travelers who only have a few hours, since this is where the most famous temples are concentrated, so it is worth going to the most important ones soon If you want to visit without many people.

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How to go to Sukhothai

The first thing to keep in mind is that despite the distance that separates it from the most tourist areas of Thailand, going to Sukhothai is relatively easy from Bangkok or Chiang Mai and even from Ayutthaya.

  • How to go from Bangkok to Sukhothai: From Bangkok you can go to Sukhothai by plane, train or bus being the flight the most recommended option. In case of opting for the train you should go to Phitsanulok and there take a bus to Sukhothai.
    If your option is the bus, you should go to Mo Chit station, north of Bangkok, from where buses leave for Sukhothai.

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  • How to get from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai: 300 kilometers from Sukhothai, you can reach the Historical Park by plane, with stopover in Bangkok or by bus, in a 5-hour journey.

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  • How to get from Chiang Rai to Sukhothai: Located just over 400 kilometers from Sukhothai, you can get here by plane or by bus, approximately 8-9 hours.

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  • How to get from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai: The best option is to opt for the bus that will take you directly from Ayuthayya to Sukhothai in a journey of approximately 6 hours.
    You have two options:
    1 class: with schedules 07:10, 09:30, 11:30, 13:00, 19:10, 20:30 and 21:40. The price is 310THB per person and takes 6 hours.
    2 class: It leaves at 3:00 p.m., has a price of 234THB and takes 7 hours.
    In our case the ticket could not be booked and that same day we went to the station and took it there.

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Another interesting option is to book this 5-day Circuit from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with a guide in Spanish, which includes a visit to Sukhothai on your tour.

Map of the places to visit in Sukhothai

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 essential places to see in Sukhothai, add yours in the comments.