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Tips for traveling to Greece

If you've got here, it's probably that you've already decided travel to Greece and even have the tickets reserved. If so, we can only tell you that you have chosen one of the most incredible destinations in the world to spend your holidays and that we hope these tips will help you to travel to Greece.
In case you are still doubting and looking for information about the country and some tips to finish cheering you up, we advise you to continue reading, hoping that this post will help you to finish deciding to make one of the best trips of your life.

Best time to travel to Greece

The first and most important thing is to assess the best time to travel to Greece.
Although we could say, without fear of being wrong that any time is good to know this country, whenever you can, it is more advisable to opt for the seasons of spring and autumn, much more relaxed moments in terms of tourism and months in which prices fall substantially.
In case you cannot travel in these months, June and September are usually less crowded months, in which prices are still somewhat higher since it is high season, but that will allow you to enjoy the most tourist places in a more relaxed

- Taxi: The price for a journey from the airport to the center of Athens by taxi is about 40 euros during the day and about 55 euros. Although we have not had the experience, we have read that sometimes they want to charge tourists more.
- Private transfer: This is the fastest and most comfortable option, being also the one that we have opted for on this trip to Greece in 32 days and that we have to say, it has been perfect, especially considering the flight delay.
You can book the service of private transfer from the airport to the center of Athens directly here.