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What to see in Olympia in Greece

Day 7: Dimitsana - What to see in Olympia in Greece - Galaxidi

There are a few minutes to 9 when we pick up the rental car and make our way to what will be the first stop of the day, which is none other than visiting all the places to see in Olympia, one of the best known archaeological sites in Greece , which is 1 hour and a half from Dimitsana and is considered one of the best tours and excursions in Athens.

Part of the route runs almost entirely along a very narrow mountain road, surrounded by greenery, which goes through small medieval villages, such as those we met yesterday after visiting the Epidaurus Theater and through which we could meet, although only It was a bit, from this area of ​​Central Arcadia.
Although as we have said on several occasions, especially the day of the car rental in Athens, driving in Greece we do not think it is much less dangerous, we do have to take special care with the overtaking that they usually do in continuous line and more in This type of roads, which are very narrow and also with many curves.

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