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How we get to live from the blog

This post was born from the need to answer the many, if not many, questions that come to us about how we get live from the blog or where we get the time and money to travel so much and live the life we ​​lead.
What do you work on in order to live on the blog? But do you work while you are traveling? How do you have so much free time? o Where do you get so much money to travel so much?, are just some of the many questions we would dare to say, they come to us on a daily basis and that we believe, the time has come to put on the table.

Understanding that this is a topic broad enough to not be able to summarize it in a few lines through an email or social networks and that, even considering that many people ask us to know a little more about the subject, we have decided to write This post in which we explain what we work on, why we have so many days free or where we get the money to lead the life we ​​lead, which are ultimately the questions we have been asked the most over the past few months.

Maybe now, seeing it like that, you rethink to think that live from a travel blogThe less is easy, isn't it?
In a very short way, we can only tell you that having a blog is very easy, the job is to keep it and make it grow. That said, we also have to say that for us, undoubtedly there are many more advantages than disadvantages, and that of course all the work we do compensates us 1000%.
We will never get tired of saying that we feel the luckiest people in the world and that we are truly privileged to live as we live.

How do you have so much free time

This is the easiest question to answer. If you have read all of the above, you will have seen that everything that our work entails can be done from anywhere in the world, since we work 100% online. That is why we can travel so much, do it whenever we want and for as long as we think we should do it, although logically keeping a work order and always, trying to keep our tasks up to date.

Can I do the same and earn money with a blog?

We have never used them and we dare to say that we are doing well and we are fulfilling the objectives we had when we started. You can not imagine the satisfaction and luck we feel when we answer hundreds of comments on the blog and social networks of real readers, travelers who really care about what we do and what we publish. That is the true meaning of our work and for which we strive daily.

As an example we will explain a very summarized anecdote, which we believe can be very significant.
While in December in Mexico, we stayed one day with Alan, from the Alan x el Mundo blog. We made several posts and stories and he did the same, including several mentions to our blog, to the Instagram and Facebook account.
The day he did it, we had an increase of 10,000 followers in one day. Yes, you read correctly, 10,000 followers. 10,000 REAL followers who are still there today and with whom we talk whenever we can.
When they ask us how you can succeed with a blog, we always explain this anecdote. That is being a true influencer. That is to generate content that catches people and that interests. That is WORK WELL, have a solid project, a community that you care for behind, and most importantly, build TRUST with what you have.
We tell you this so you can see that you don't have to use any kind of unethical technique to grow. It must only be you and offer your readers what you would like to read. Nothing else.

Having said that, Can you dedicate yourself to the same and earn money with a blog?. We would not know what to tell you. What we can assure you is that if you manage to live on the blog, you will be the happiest person in the world and maybe just for that, it's worth a try, don't you think?

The really important thing is to be happy with what you do. Life is too short to regret.