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10 essential places to see in Lloret de Mar

There are many places to see in Lloret de Mar, a tourist town located in the emblematic Costa Brava, 75 kilometers from Barcelona. This location, with a privileged location, allows you to enjoy beaches of thick sand of more than a kilometer in length to beautiful hidden coves of crystalline waters. The Indian past of the city that contributed to the construction of buildings of great beauty and its modernist heritage complete that cultural part to enjoy a perfect holiday.
Lloret de Mar is transformed according to the time of the year, especially in summer, when it receives thousands of tourists who fill its beaches, perform leisure and sports activities and also enjoy the lively nightlife in bars, terraces and discos. But if you prefer a little more tranquility, in other seasons of the year the population is reduced to its inhabitants and it is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches and coves quietly, go shopping in the old town or tour some of the Roads of Ronda most beautiful of the Costa Brava.
We have made a selection of the 10 essential places to see in Lloret de Mar, a place that we know very well, since it is our current residence. We start!

1. Gardens of Santa Clotilde

The Santa Clotilde Gardens, located on a cliff and with spectacular views of the sea and the Costa Brava, is one of the most essential places to see in Girona. This romantic, old-style garden with Italian inspiration is recognized among the best Mediterranean-style historical gardens in Europe and as you can guess, it is one of the places you cannot miss in Lloret de Mar.
During the quiet walk through the gardens, full of greenery that enhance the landscape, you will find terraces, stairways, a pond, busts, sculptures of classic style and especially spectacular viewpoints to the sea and the beautiful Cala Sa Boadella.
The visit to the gardens is priced at 5 euros and they are perfectly accessible walking from Fenals Beach or Cala Sa Boadella.
You can check the visiting hours on the official tourism page of Lloret de Mar.

2. Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta, a beautiful cove full of fishing boats in the sand and at the foot of the photogenic Castillo d'en Plaja, forms one of the most beautiful postcards of Lloret de Mar. The cove, located at the end of the town's promenade, in The north end is one of the best beaches in Lloret de Mar and how could it be otherwise, one of the best places to relax after a day visiting the places what to see in Lloret de Mar more essential
Its turquoise green and transparent waters, with a seabed rich in fauna, are perfect for snorkeling or taking your first steps in scuba diving.
Also in Caleta begins one of the most beautiful Roads of Ronda of the Costa Brava, which will take you to the small and beautiful Cala Trons.

Lloret de Mar Town Hall

If you feel like helping us increase the list the 10 essential places to see in Lloret de Mar, add yours in the comments.

** This article is written as part of a collaboration with Lloret Turisme, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.