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Visit Chambord Castle

Day 2: Sully-sur-Loire Castle - Orléans - Visit Chambord Castle - Blois

We arrive in Orleans when it is 10 in the morning, going first to the area of ​​the historic center, where we are in the same street of the Orléans Cathedral, really spectacular in the distance, where we are lucky to find a parking lot.
Something to keep in mind is that in most of villages of the Loire Valley There is no need to pay to park on the street, except for some cases, such as Orléans, in which in the most central areas, you have to pay, as it is in our case in which when parking in the center, we pay, from 10 until 3 in the afternoon six euros, a price more than adjusted, taking into account that we are in the historic center and we are also in France.

Orléans, located just 100 kilometers from Paris, is known historically, in addition to its beautiful medieval pedestrian district, which you can travel from Rue Jeanne d'Arc to the Loire River, from where you have beautiful views of the city .

What to see in Orléans - Loire Valley

The route through Orléans will take us through several points of interest such as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the Rue, Jeanne d'Arc, the Place du Martroi, the House of Joan of Arc, the Rue Royale and Halles Châtelet, as well as a pleasant walk through the charming streets of the medieval center.

Orléans Cathedral

The Cathedral of Orléans or the Cathédral Ste-Croix was built in the 12th century, although it was subsequently restored several times. Although its exterior is beautiful, its interior is also remarkable columns, vaulted ceiling and a needle, visible from virtually the entire city, with 106 meters.

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