Route through Tibet by car - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

Route through Tibet by car

Day 13: Tibet route by car: Lhasa - Tsedang - Yungbulakang Palace

The Tsedang Hotel is a large hotel, in the middle of the city, where we check in with Pasang, something that accelerates a process that in Tibet, except in Lhasa, we see that it is a fairly slow process and after leaving the backpacks we go with Pasang and Tre looking for a restaurant where to eat something before going to Yungbulakang Palace.
In Tsedang there are not many options, if not any, where you can eat western food, so Pasang recommends a small place that is right next to the hotel, where we eat one a kind of ravioli stuffed with vegetables, which They are like some momos but not fried and they eat some noodles, which we really have to say, they look very good all for 75RMB, a more than adjusted price, in addition to eating it watered with hot water, as styled in Tibet.