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Tours in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

Day 9: San Pedro de Atacama - Calama - Santiago de Chile

Taking into account that these last days we have spent practically without resting, both for the rhythm of all Tours in San Pedro de Atacama, like the symptoms of altitude sickness, today we decided to take the morning with peace of mind, taking advantage to recover those energies that we had half lost and also, we will not deny it, update the work in Street Travelers, which we have had a little forgotten These last hours.

It's 8 in the morning when we sit in the lounge of the Pablito Hostel to enjoy today, for the first time these days, a full breakfast, as we are used to doing on our trips, enjoying good coffee, some toast and a couple of pieces of fruit that make us feel great in the stomach, in addition to allowing us to make a fantastic desktop in which we take stock of the Tours in San Pedro de Atacama what we have done during these days and how much they have taught us about this incredible area of ​​Chile.

After breakfast we return to the room, where we prepare a little luggage, to leave everything collected and go out to the terrace to enjoy a sunny day, but that allows us to sit in the open, while we dedicate ourselves to read and catch up on the blog , interspersed with the response of several emails that had been left behind these days, as well as downloading the photos we have taken in all tours from San Pedro de Atacama.

Our flight to Santiago de Chile is at 17:40 in the afternoon, so we have hired at 14h, with the same company we arrived with, TransVip, the Transfer service from San Pedro de Atacama to Calama airport, which the Desert Adventure company included in the price along with the Tours in San Pedro de Atacama.

It is 12 in the morning when we begin to ask whether to go to the center of San Pedro de Atacama, since we are about 10 minutes walk from the center, to eat or not. After thinking about it a couple of times and telling us that we had breakfast late, we prefer not to eat and do it at the airport of Calama, to be able to take advantage of these two hours that we are enjoying the relax of the Pablito Hostel and finish catching up with the blog and The photographs of these last days.

Tips Tours in San Pedro de Atacama

One of the big questions we had while preparing this part of the trip to Chile it was what Tours in San Pedro de Atacama We had to do or which were the most recommended.
Taking into account that we had 3 full days plus two half days, the arrival and departure days, we did not have as much time as it may initially seem, so among the offers that exist, we had to choose the ones we considered were the best and the ones we wanted to do the most.
That said, we have several recommendations that we believe can help you in the election:
- We recommend that you dedicate a minimum of 3-4 full days to this area of ​​Chile to see and do the Tours in San Pedro de Atacama More tourist and also more incredible.
- Keep in mind that all tours are over 3000 meters, so it is worth being a day or half a day of adaptation once you arrive in San Pedro de Atacama.
- Another thing to keep in mind is to try the first days of the tours that are done at a lower height, leaving for example the one on the Salar de Tara, at 4900 meters and the one at the Altiplanic Lagoons at 4800 meters, for the final days .
- One of the most recommended tours is the Astronomical Tour. Keep in mind that this tour is done late in the afternoon and ends when it is almost 2 in the morning, so it is worth having it in mind so as not to put it the day before the Tour at Tatio geysers, which starts at 4 in the morning.

Best Tours in San Pedro de Atacama

Although it is difficult to choose between places as incredible as all we can meet in the Atacama Desert, after our experience, we believe that there are some that are essential as Tours in San Pedro de Atacama:
- Tour Valle de la Luna and Valle de la Muerte in the Atacama Desert: Visits to the Valle de la Luna: Gran Duna, Las Tres Marías, Mina de Sal and the Death Valley: Sunset at the Piedra del Coyote.
Duration 5 hours (16h-21h). Price 8000 CLP + 4000CLP Tickets per person