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The 10 best trips for the summer

In the absence of a few months to start the summer many travelers begin to prepare their trips, taking into account factors such as the time, the budget, the holidays ... etc. We want to leave you a selection in which we have chosen places where it is not very hot at this time of the year and also places with good beaches. We leave you a list of the 10 best trips for the summer.

1. Iceland

Iceland one of the countries with some of the most impressive landscapes we have seen in the world. If you have a couple of weeks you can raise a circular route to the island, along the highway 1 in which to enjoy glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, black sand beaches, glacial lagoons and the occasional rainbow that will leave you breathless. Also known as the land of ice and fire It is highly recommended to visit it in summer, especially when it is your first time, and although the prices are higher than in other times, summer allows you to enjoy the whole island and go inside, something that in winter will be quite limited by the Snow and cold. For this and many more reasons, Iceland is our number 1 of the best trips for the summer.

2. Thailand

Thailand, the country of smiles. For us the perfect country especially if it is the first time you travel to Southeast Asia. It is one of the easiest to travel for free, since it is very touristy and has good infrastructure for the traveler. To make a route spending a few days in Bangkok, start climbing by train to Chiang Mai, stopping in Ayuthaya and Sukothai to end the trip by relaxing a few days in some of its paradisiacal beaches is for us the perfect route of a first trip to Thailand.

We leave you our practical guide of Peru so you can prepare the trip on your own.

And you, which of these 10 trips for the summer you stay with?